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Dark Bottom Or Light Bottom? All You Need To Know and How To Choose

Swimming pools have evolved in so many different ways over the years. The great thing for you is that you have more choices than ever. That means you can make your pool entirely bespoke to your specific wants and needs. However, it also means that you have a lot of decisions to make—and that can feel daunting.

One of those decisions is amongst pool bottom colours.

You might be thinking, isn’t my choice just blue (or at least some variation of blue)? But that’s not the case at all anymore. There are so many varieties of pool bottom colours ranging from light to dark shades. Your decision will definitely impact the overall look of your swimming pool when it’s finished.

While many decisions come down to personal preference, we can offer some advice to better narrow down the option of a dark bottom pool vs. a light bottom pool.

When your swimming pool is finished, you want to feel confident that you’ve made the best choice.

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Whether you’ve just started with the swimming pool build experience and you’re doing some research or you already have the process underway, you might be shocked by just how many decisions are involved in building a luxury swimming pool.

This is especially true with a stainless steel pool where you aren’t limited in any way.
The colour of the pool bottom might have seemed like the simplest decision. You just want blue, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple.

Firstly, you should know that there is science behind the reason that swimming pools always look blue, even when the bottom is white.

That has to do with the fact that with a larger volume of water such as in a swimming pool, the water molecules slightly absorb light from the sun. While sunlight is made up of all the colours of the spectrum, the water absorbs light from the red end of the spectrum, removing it and reflecting a blue hue.

Pool designers capitalise on the already-blue look of the water with blue tiles and plaster.
But even within that “blue” spectrum, there is so much variety. Do you want a pool bottom colour that is aqua or such light blue that it resembles the waters of a tropical beach? Or, do you want such a deep and dark shade of blue—or even black—that it looks like a lake?

While some homeowners know immediately what they want, others really have trouble making that decision. The way that the pool water colour can vary based on your pool bottom is pretty dramatic, and you want to feel confident that you’ve chosen wisely. Nobody wants to worry about wishing they’d made a different choice once the pool is done. That’s why it’s important to weigh this decision carefully now.

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As with any choice that you make for your swimming pool, there are different factors to consider. 

When deciding between a dark vs. light bottom pool, one of the biggest considerations is what the space around your pool already looks like. Ultimately, you want your new swimming pool to “fit in” with the rest of your landscape, for example, a pool with turquoise blue waters that has a tropical flair just would not fit countryside scenery. 

When you choose a darker pool finish, it looks more like a natural lagoon or a lake, and that might fit better with your surroundings.

Of course, dark bottom pools also have quite a bit of variation in terms of how dark you go. Perhaps you aren’t going for a lagoon-style look but you just don’t want something too light. There are many deeper shades of blue that might give you that more sophisticated look that you want to achieve.

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Homeowners with dark bottom pools have also said that their pool seems to stay warm a little bit longer since the darker colour absorbs more sunlight and therefore retains more heat. While we’re not suggesting that this should be the reason that you choose a dark bottom, it might be an added benefit.

When considering the surrounding area, for many homeowners, a light bottom pool makes sense. Lighter bottomed pools have a crisp, clean and refreshing look to them that might fit right in with the entire look and feel that you are trying to create in your outdoor living area.

Light bottom pools have that inviting feel on a hot summer day and can definitely exude more of a tropical feel than dark bottom pools. Ultimately, there is a feeling and experience that comes from spending time at your swimming pool. You’ll want to consider what atmosphere you’re aiming to create when choosing your pool bottom colour.

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Factors Affecting Pool Bottom Colours

Of course, it’s not just the pool materials that ultimately impact your pool bottom colour. You might be surprised by the way in which other factors – some in your control and others not – also come into play.

One major factor is the amount of sunlight your pool receives on any given day. You’ll quickly notice that your pool looks different on a bright and sunny day than it does on a cloudy day where your pool isn’t getting much sun.

While the weather is unfortunately out of your control and shouldn’t necessarily be a consideration, you may want to think about what structures or objects are in your garden that could shade your pool and impact its colour.

Pools in outdoor areas that are heavily shaded will naturally look darker, so that might be an important consideration when choosing your pool bottom colour.

The depth of your pool will also impact its colour. The deeper that your pool is, the darker the colour will be. This is also why a pool colour looks different in the deep versus the shallow end of the pool.

The flow of the water can also impact its colour. If you have pool features like fountains, jets, or waterfalls, the colour might appear more vivid in these areas. You might see more colour variation in the overall colour.

Create Your Perfect Pool in England, Scotland or Wales

At the end of the day, the pool bottom colour is just one of many choices that you’ll make for your swimming pool. By choosing a bespoke stainless steel pool you can think outside of the box and create something truly your own. Everything from the colour to the style, shape, depth, and so much more is all up to you.

With so many decisions to make, we have many other articles that address other factors you’ll need to consider and facts you should know as you begin the process of bringing your swimming pool to life. It’s a lot! But it’s also a really exciting time and one that should be fun for you.

As far as pool bottom colours go, hopefully, this article has given you some considerations to keep in mind as you weigh the choices of dark bottom pools vs light bottom pools.

We understand it’s a big choice and that you might have more questions. If there is anything else that we can answer, we’re always here to help. Contact us today to chat about your ideas for a dream pool or jacuzzi. Call 01384 898237 or simply complete the online form and one of the team will be in touch soon.