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About Us

PACE Pools is the UK’s sole and exclusive provider of Berndorf Baederbau stainless steel swimming pools — the most luxurious and prestigious pools in the world. We’re also widely recognised as the market leaders for any stainless steel swimming facilities and now we offer a full suite of spa services in addition to our signature pools.

Our Mission: Pure Luxury and Unrivalled Quality

With over 60 years of experience, Berndorf Baederbau has built over 6000 stainless steel swimming pools of all shapes and sizes throughout Europe, with several pools covering more than 4000m2 of water surface. No matter the size, form or shape of Berndorf pools, they are all designed to achieve the highest quality and offer pure luxury to users.

At PACE Pools, we’ve been working with Berndorf for many years to deliver nothing short of excellence to our customers. In 2016, we became the exclusive agents for Berndorf in the UK, and since then we’ve been offering full design and build services and support to both commercial and domestic clients nationwide.

We are proud of the quality of our pools and the spa services we provide. We’re committed to upholding and exceeding the high standards and first-class quality that Berndorf has demonstrated since the 1960s.

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Your Designs Are Brought to Life by Passionate and Experienced Team Members

Part of ensuring the highest quality pools and spa facilities is the team members and business partners we choose. All of our staff have at least five years of experience working with stainless steel swimming pools — they know how to make your dream pool a breathtaking reality and ensure your pool will last for decades to come with no faults and no leaks. That’s a guarantee. We also offer 25-year warranties on all of our stainless steel pools, so you have peace of mind that your pool is protected. 

Our business partners also share our mission to achieve outstanding quality. With a team of ambitious, driven staff, committed to delivering luxury products and excellent results, we ensure unfaltering quality.

Book a Consultation to Discuss Your Pool Designs and Requirements

Whether your pool project is a budding idea or set in stone, we’re here to help. We can help you explore your options and design a pool and/or spa facilities that are stunningly beautiful as well as flawlessly practical. 

Book a consultation to discuss your pool requirements with our stainless steel pool specialists or request a brochure to get some luxury pool inspiration.